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Thanks to my parents need to procreate, I was born and raised in New York.
I grew up in a small town on Long Island called Lindenhurst.

Me at "1"

Living close to NY City, but not actually in it,
gave me both an urban and city experience growing up.

Me on my second birthday.

Me at "5"

I had a fairly normal childhood but the most interesting thing
I could remember about growing up was reaching puberty during the disco years.

Me during puberty.

At one point in my early twenties I was actually a fire fighter paramedic
doing volunteer work in my community.

Me during my fire fighter years.

Most of my family still resides in New York but, looking for new adventures,
I made the trek to the west coast and now have been living in Los Angeles California.
After living through riots, floods, wild fires and earthquakes, I have grown to
appreciate Los Angeles' energy. It is definitely the entreatment capital of the world.
I actually seem to have a higher energy level living out here.
But, do I miss that east coast Italian food!

Me at "32"

Today education plays an important part in my life.
I have recently attended Grad School and obtained a
Masters degree in Information Technology.

Me today.

My goal in life is to do as many things possible to have fun, travel and be happy.

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