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Sat, Jan 12, 2008
In October 1997, while attending school, I was involved in an adventure which trek me across Italy.
Since this was a school trip, and I was on a tour with several other students,
I decided to create this web site so friends back home could watch our trek together.
I updated the web site daily using a digital camera and
a laptop computer (see Italy photos in photo gallery).

Since then I have been updating this site every time I embarked on a new adventure.

The main purpose of this site is to have fun and to communicate
and share my adventures with the world.

Q. Who the heck is Andy?
A. Me! This is my 15 minutes of fame in the spotlight. Here I will attempt to exploit my
few creative hobbies: traveling, photography, & computers.

Q. What the heck will I find in this WEB site?
A. Mainly interesting photos that I captured in my travels around the world
and a host of other interesting cool stuff.

Q. What the heck is this Spotlight stuff?
A. Whenever I participate in some new adventure, activity or trip, I will try to update this page daily.
Press the "In The Spotlight" button for new updates and upcoming trips.

Q. Isn't my two cents worth anything?
A. You bet! Hopefully this WEB site will become totally interactive.
Any input is welcomed (See the Contact Andy page).

This web page was written using Adobe GoLive, Adobe Photo Shop,
Adobe Image Ready, Web Explosion, on a Apple G5 Macintosh and between airports on a iBook.

Some images provided by

Photos were taken with a Sony digital DSC-F505V or a Cannon PowerShot S3 Camera or
an Apple iPhone.
Non-dgital photos taken with a Nikon 6006 SLR camera.
All non-digital photos were scanned using a Epson Perfection 2400 Photo Saner and touched up using
Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReady.

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Andy's World is updated as it happens on the road using an iPhone up to a .Mac web server
at iPhone photos.

Apple iPhone

Cannon PowerShot S3