A trek across ITALY

On October 27, 1997 I departed on an adventure which sparked the whole idea of "Andy's
World". With my collegian colleagues at the Mount St. Mary's College, I traveled across Italy
updating this web page as the adventure unfolded. Using my laptop computer and a
digital camera, I was able to capture the stunning photos below. Under very challenging
conditions with the Italian telephone companies, I was able to update the web page live
(most of the time).

To read how it was done technically click here!

10/27/97: After almost 24 hrs of traveling & airport layovers we arrived in Rome.
There we were whisked away by bus and traveled for
another four hours to the southern Italian city of Sorrento.
Heavy rain and waves cause our trip to the Isle of Capri to be canceled.
But this gave us a chance to explore the town of Sorrento and sample much of the delicious local food.

Shots of the beautiful coastline of a wet Sorrento.

10/30/97, On our way to Rome we stopped to visit the ancient city of Pompeii.

10/30/97 we arrive to a warm sunny Rome.

Vatican City

This great ball was in the Vatican's court yard. I never found out what it actually was.
I snuck this photo of the ceiling of the Sistine Chaple.

11/2/97 on our way to Florence we stopped & visited old Tuscan hill towns of Siena & San Gimignano.
The inside of the San Gimignano Duomo church was surrounded by many great frescos.

11/2/97 Arrived in the beautiful city of Florence at sunset.
The River Arno Brige, which held many jewelry shops.
One of the many museums in Florence had Michelangelo's "David" on display.

11/4/97, Sunny 68F. Florence has turned out to be quite a beautiful little town.
You can see every thing just by taking long walks & I had the blisters to prove it.
Everyone seems to own two things, a motor scooter & a pocket cell phone.

11/4/97 we took an excursion to visit to town of Pisa to see the huge
lopsided "Leaning Tower of Pisa."
When you look at the magnificent Cathedral next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa,
you could really see the tower's size & leaning angle from this perspective.

So how come the Leaning Tower of Pisa has not fallen yet? You can see from this close up
shot lead weights strapped to the side of the tower to act like a counter weight.
They say it works but you won't find me in there!

11/5/97 52F rain. We arrived in Venice under cold, rainy skies.
Inclement weather however could not hide the beauty and charm of this bustling town.
This city on the water is truly a place like no other.

11/6/97, chilly rain. A constant rain has not stopped us from exploring Venice's canals,
small roads, hundreds of shops and fine food. A perfect way to end our great trip to Italy.

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