Macworld Expo San Francisco is the annual event where Apple Computer usually
unveils it's new products for the year. The show is a virtual trip to the candy store for
all the Macintosh geek loyalists. Hundreds of companies will be displaying their
new products & software made especially for the Macintosh & iPod.
Excitement is in the air as we all wait for Steve Jobs to kick of the show with
his now famous keynote speech on Tuesday.
The Andy's World team will be there updating live with photos of any new
products and expo events around town.

Check back often for updates during the week.


Keynote speech updates:

Over 4K at keynote
iTV now called Apple TV
Paramount movies to join iTunes
New iPhone - wide screen iPod, cell phone, internet communicator all in one!
Partnership with Google & Yahoo on the phone
$499 for 4G & $599 for 8G model with 2 year contract with Cingular only.
Not available until June!
Apple Computer is changing their name to Apple Inc.
Apple's Steve Jobs 30 years ago
iPhone behind glass
AppleTV connected to a HD TV
Everyone wants to see the iPhone demo
Other World Computers demoing the first MacBook tablet PC mod
Apple store in SF
Watch the iPhone short movie
Watch Apple's first iPhone TV Ad

Summary: This Macworld was definitely not a Macintosh Expo.
The only products that Apple was demoing were the AppleTV & the iPhone.
Even on the show floor there were only two iPhones on display and
they were behind glass so you couldn’t even touch it.
One thing I did notice was the massive crowds. There were so many people
every where. You could not get near any booth that had a cool product on display.
I have been coming to Macworld expos for a long time now and I never
seen it this crowded. Everyone was asking the same thing:
what about Leopard, iLife 07 & iWork 07 or a new Mac?
Since the iPhone will not be available to June (way after Leopard comes out)
why tell us about it now? Some feel it was possibly to boost Apple's
stock after the stock options fiasco. The consensus is that the iPhone was brought out early
so Apple could get FCC approval for the phone and that another
Apple event may happen as early as next month.
The new addition to Macworld this year are hundreds of small company booths
located in the north hall of the Moscone Center call Tiny Town.
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