Update 3/30/09: IDG announced today that Macworld 2010 will move from January to February 9th - 13th!

Macworld Expo San Francisco is the annual event where thousands of Apple geek loyalists get together. The show is a virtual trip to the candy store with hundreds of companies displaying their new products & software made especially for the Macintosh, iPod & iPhone.

This year a damper has been placed on the event with Apple's announcement that this will be their last year attending Macworld. Further more, news that the exciting long anticipated keynote speech on Tuesday morning will NOT be attended by Steve Jobs, has spread numerous rumors around the internet as to what Apple's intentions are. Could Steve Jobs health be in poor shape? Could there be no new announcements or products this year?

This could very well be the last Macworld as we are use to. It actually took awhile for me to decide if it was worth going this year. But, after long thought, we have decided for one last time to make the trip to San Francisco. What ever the outcome Andy's World will be reporting it here. This year, with the use of an iPhone, I will be able to instantly update photos live to the web gallery and later update more detail photos with my MacBook Air.

Click on the badge below for updated photos & check back often during the week for news and information from the show floor!

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Keynote speech updates:
Phil Schiller gave the Macworld Keynote this year.
New software: iLife 09, iWork 09, iWork.com (web sharing of docs)
New product: 17" MacBook Pro (8 hour non-removable battery)
Other: iTunes DRM free music coming
Tony Bennett performs on stage
Thats it? Yep thats all folks!
Show Floor updates:

The show floor was not as crowded as in the past but still there was an upbeat feeling on the show floor. Many booths had a party atmosphere and some were even offering free alcohol. The smaller booths had the best gadgets to see. The north hall (Tiny Town) was surprisingly packed with hundreds of small booths catering to the smaller companies. This is were I spent most of my money & had the best time. After the show on Tuesday there were many after parties around town touting it to be the final Macworld blast. Tomorrow IDG, the creators of Macworld, is having a town hall meeting were all are invited to discuss the future direction that Macworld should go. With the uneventful keynote by Phil Schiller today & Steve Jobs letter to the press claiming he has hormonal health problems, next year's Macworld will definitely be something completely different.

*Update Friday, January 9th 2009:

IDG is already asking people to sing up for the 2010 Macworld to show the industry that there will be a expo next year. But CES (the Consumer Electronic Show), which happens the same time in Las Vegas, has announced that Apple will have a presence at the 2010 CES! Is this the final nail in Macworld's coffin?

Apple's Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak 32 years ago
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